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Following Van Gogh
LisbonToulouse • Arles
AmsterdamNew York City
Lisbon - Portugal
Lisbon is magical...
and steeped in history. Lisbon is old cable cars clanging and tiled buildings hugging narrow walkways. It's mountainous steps winding through twisting alleyways that always take you someplace interesting. It's sitting in the shade at the cafe down by the harbor sipping a beer and watching people go by. It's the moon rising over the castle on the hill and everywhere you turn a small tranquil park nestled into the hillsides. It is magic.
Toulouse/Arles - France
Walking with Van Gogh...
in the city of Arles was powerful. To see what he saw, to admire this beautiful little ancient Roman city that inspired him so much. To sit in the Le Cafe du Nuit and have a beer not ten feet from were he painted a masterpiece was divine. From my hotel I could see across the square to the famous little yellow house he lived in and just to the left of that is the spot he painted Stary Night Over the Rhonne. To walk in this history is unforgettable. As for Toulouse, eehh, not so much.
Amsterdam is fun...
and not for the obvious reasons. It all fans out from the central train station and the canals are endless and inexplicably interesting. Most of my late afternoons were spent on a bench by a canal, drawing and watching the boats go by. In the true definition of nerdness I think I enjoyed the Central Library more than anything except maybe the Starbucks. Two of the most beautiful and interesting Starbucks found anywhere are in this enticing city.
New York / Brooklyn
New York is funner...
and now feels like home. Because my sister lives there, I have been to New York countless times and it still takes my breath away. Crowded subways, honking taxi cabs, Times Square, the frenetic pace of people always in a hurry is music to my urban ears. On this trip I got to spend a good amount of time in Brooklyn and captured some amazing urban art. But you better hurry, it's going fast under a tidal wave of gentrification.