Southern Cross
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Lima, Peru
The city comes alive at night, when everyone comes out to walk around Magdelana Del Mar. And I do mean everyone. It's hot and messy and the streets are uneven and the busses a real puzzle. But there is a gritty, hearty, vibrant and welcoming urban soul here.
Santiago, Chile
Dripping in colors & street art, thrumming with modern orange and ancient blues. Stone steps lead to the castle just under the sky as everyone heads to where everyone else is. Every street is painted in vibrant strokes as art is cherished and prevalent. Fruit vendors hug most corners and offer fresh edible colors. As the sun sets the world fills the streets and everyone is everywhere.
Auckland, New Zealand
Clean, efficient, friendly and full of fine dining as everyone heads out to socialize at glittering restaurants by the harbor just after sunset. Most nights cruise ships head out towards adventure as the sun goes down, the lights come up and they slowly drift on to the south pacific. This is a place of calm.
Melbourne, Australia
Hurly burly and a city going up. A multitude of construction cranes hover over the skyline. Dragons hard at work building a new city under the feet of the old victorian stone facades. The bridges are art on water as they sparkle over the river and take people to the South Bank where the Crown Hotel literally breathes fire at the night sky.
Magdelena Del Mar • Cruz Del Sur • Castillo Hidalgo • Estacion Central • Devonport • Mount Victoria • Wynyard Quarter • Southern Cross Station • Australian Formula 1 Gran Prix