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Japan 2020 “Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” - Anthony Bourdain
February - March 2020
Mayalasia/Signapore I really don’t know why I choose to go where I go. Malaysia in May had a nice ring to it and I guess it was as good a reason as any. And why not throw in it’s next door neighbor Singapore. Both were hot and humid and interesting and beautiful but in completely different ways. Kuala Lumpur, while wonderfully inexpensive, was gritty and messy and like Shanghai has people living in poverty right next to Ferrari dealerships. Singapore was the complete opposite; pristine, extremely organized and full of beautiful things to look at. The Ferrari dealerships are right next to the five star hotels. I sweated through and loved both of them.
May 2019
Iceland This trip has been a dream for a while. Standing on the black sands of Diamond Beach was not an orginal idea, it was dervived from the many photographers that got there before me and shared their creations. But photogaphers (if I may speak for the group) love to put their own vision on any exposure; and somethings are just so spectacular that it doesn't matter that you're one in a million. Iceland was entirely spectacular. Everywhere I looked I thought "wow, that's beautiful". We also took a side trip to Norway/Oslo and really enjoyed this historic, charming city. It was a hard journey, but it was spectacular. Spectacular is never easy, it's.... spectacular.
October 2018
Metro Seoul This was by far my longest and most challenging adventure. One month in the immensely dense and ancient city of Hong Kong, two months in the sleek-modern-fun city of Seoul and the last three exploring Japan during the brutal hot summer months. I arrived home exhausted but with a lifetime of memories. I met new friends, shared Japan with a longtime friend and explored the backalleys and magic of Tokyo with my son. When I got home I was exhausted and thought maybe I was done. A few months later I dream of going back. Asia gets in your heart and doesn't ever leave you.
March -> August 2017
Southern Cross My goal on this trip, my first south of the equater, was to shoot as much as possible and to get better. As always there are the ones that got away, but hopefuly there are a bunch that didn't. I struggled with naming this collection until I arrived in Melbourne. Downtown life there revolves around the Southern Cross Station. It seemed to fit.
March 2016
the Vietnam & Thailand expedition The delight in being somewhere else, in seeing strange things, tasting new food. The "thing" on this trip was facing Saigon traffic. You don't avoid traffic in Saigon, you hold your breath and step into it. If you don't you will never leave the block you are standing on. Aside from that craziness, the people are amazing and it's a peek back in time to a place that is pre-global consumerism. At least for now.
November 2015
Winter Journey The warm embrace of family was more than enough to stave off the chill of traveling through the northeast in the dead of winter. Trains and buses and more trains that were arduous and adventurous took me from a Chicago blizzard through an unforgettable birthday party in Williamsburg to a warm welcome in both Boston and New York by the most precious thing in life, family.
Feburary 2015
Painted Desert The silence of being purely alone can be deafening, if you stop and really listen to it. Not a sound in the world, not even you. Sometimes it's just whatever the wind touches, dancing off the reds and browns and splashy greens of a petrified desert. This journey was joyous for so many reasons, Melanie's great accomplishment, the pure oxygen of being free on the road, the full moon at 4am in brilliant absolute stillness. May 2014
The Low Road to Taos Either road, low or high, the drive to Taos is glorious. Sliding past the Rio Grande and through fresh desert air towards the gallery filled streets and quaint inns with scenes of nighttime intrigue and mystery.
March 2014
On the Road Here are a few moments from a road trip through California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and finally into Denver Colorado. Miles and miles of endless sky and mercilessly heading towards a storm on the horizon. Just a few of the perks of being on the road. If you ever get the chance, coast into the rest stop on the Bonneville Salt Flats along highway 80. Just before sunset is magic.
August 2013
A Northwest Expedition This trip left me with a stark view of the new gentrified world we hippies find ourselves stumbling through. Alright maybe it's just me tripping. The overriding observation from Vancouver, Seattle and Portland is this; all the things that made the inner city urban life so appealing are disappearing under an onslaught of corporate branding. I tried my best to find the remaining shards of grit and glam.
April 2013
Following Van Gogh OK, I didn't exactly follow Van Gogh's trail through Europe, but the highlight of this amazing journey, other than sharing the incredible city of Lisbon with my daughter, was the trip to Arles. (how come I always want to pronounce the "s") I stood where Vincent painted "Starry Night Over the Rhone", and had a beer at the "Cafe Terrace at Night". Walking those ancient Roman streets was enchanting.
September 2012
Northern California Dreaming My grand adventure to the north had all the elements of most of my trips. The journey is always harder, and more lonely then I expect, even though I have done this many times before. There was one place I didn't connect with. There was another place that was magic, where I feel strangely at home. I never know what place I will fall in love with until I get my flip flops on the ground.
June 2012
The Empire Builder Three nights on the Texas Eagle will cure most sane people of ever wanting to take another train journey. I said sane people. By the time it was over I had spent two weeks in Austin, circled half the United States, stopped off in Chicago and ended up, blissfully, in Vancouver. It was everything you think a trip would be with no planning and very little experience. It was boredom, surprise, loneliness, delicious, magnificent, funny, inspiring and at times downright terrifying. In a word... AWESOME!
Feburary 2012